Custom Homes
built to specifications.

Cabana Homes of Corpus Christi specializes in homes which are not only hurricane resistant and energy efficient, but also beautiful and innovative.

While we build the traditional wood frame home, we are also highly experienced in ICF construction, one of the strongest, most energy efficient home construction methods available today.

As a "True" Custom Home Builder, we have never built the same house twice! Every Cabana Home is a direct reflection of it's owner's individual taste and personality.

We can handle any size project. We have built custom homes ranging from $150,000 - $2,000,000+.

We are always willing to do whatever it takes to provide our clients the home of their dreams.

Energy Efficient Homes
using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

What is an ICF? An ICF is a hollow block of polystyrene that is stacked much like Lego blocks then it is filled with rebar and finally concrete. It is important that your builder is experienced with ICF construction as structural issues vary considerably from traditional framing methods and spaces left for doors and windows must be properly braced for concrete prior to the pour. ICF Homes can be built in any architectural style or design. Interiors can be finished out as you would a traditionally wood framed home. With an ICF home, it is what you don’t see that makes all the difference. Cabana Homes is the oldest and most a experienced ICF builder in Corpus Christi.

ICF homes may look like conventionally framed homes, but offer many benefits that are not apparent to the eye. ICF construction creates homes that are energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable. The ICF building envelope gives superior results when compared to conventional building methods as they resist harmful mold, dust, and allergens, and they have a high resistance to wind, storm and fire damage. This product cannot rot or decay and is “pest-proof” as there are no cavities through which bugs or rodents can enter. As a result, many insurance companies offer substantial discounts to owners of ICF homes..


Cabana Custom Homes will provide the same care in remodeling your current home as we do in every new Cabana Custom Home.

There comes a time when every homeowner wants to update their current home. Whether it be a complete tear down, or a new kitchen design with upscale appliances, a lavish new master bath, or just creating more usable living areas, Cabana Homes is here to help. We can provide the highest quality craftsmanship, service and overall professionalism for all your renovation projects.

No job is too small or too large! We have done small remodeling projects costing less than $1000 to complete remodels.

You can count on us to deliver exactly what you’ve envisioned when you’re ready to begin your remodeling project.