Client Reviews

Dear Cabana Homes,
I would like to thank you for building a wonderful home for our family. When I am asked about Cabana Homes this is what I say:

What separates Cabana Homes from the other home builders in this region is simply one word.....Professionalism!! Cabana Homes was started by professionals in the airline industry and they brought their customer service and attention to detail straight to Cabana Homes. We all know how strict, punctual and professional the airline Industry must be, well that is what you are getting with Cabana Homes. There is no one that I know of with those credentials in the home building arena. Let's face it, the construction industry can have a few unsavory characters in it, but not with Cabana! You are getting folks that were at the top tier of a very competitive, regulated and specific industry with very little room for error! This is exactly why I chose Cabana and always will choose Cabana to build my home!
Our experience was great! The home was finished on time, under budget and the customer service was outstanding. They did what they said they were going to do!!! At the time my home was built, only about 8 to 10% of homes were being built with the energy saving and cutting edge materials used by Cabana Homes. They were way ahead of their competitors and still are!! They were patient with me, answered questions, they were very transparent, and believe it or not, they called you back and answered emails in a timely fashion. In fact, I can call Cabana 8 years later and they still return my calls regarding my home!!!! Try that with another General Contractor!
If you are looking to remodel, or build a custom home, go with the only professionals in the home building/General Contractor industry.....that's Cabana Homes!

Satisfied Customer,
Dr. Brian Rich

It was a pleasure working with Cabana Homes on the construction of our home. We appreciate the builder’s attention to detail and knowledge of quality, durable products that meet the challenges of building and living in a coastal climate. In spite of working on several projects at the same time, the builder stayed on schedule and budget while providing us with current spending reports and copies of invoices and receipts. We are proud to say that our residence was built by Cabana Homes.
Jim and Anne Weatherill

Dear Cabana Homes
We are Marie and Gil Shelden and we were extremely fortunate to have Cabana Homes build our dream home on North Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas. We wanted an upscale custom home that would provide us a place we could enjoy well into our retirement years. We found Cabana Homes easy to work with, and they professionally guided us through the building process which resulted in the home just as we wanted it. Needless to say, that is why we selected a quality custom builder in the first place. One story we must tell is about our wine cellar. Marie wanted a rounded corner to “soften” the look in the living room. Gil needed a square corner inside the wine cellar to support the wine racks and maximize space. As the “discussion” continued a voice from behind said, “I can do that!” and sure enough the final product was exactly what we both wanted. And that was how the whole project went….Cabana Homes approached numerous decision points with a can do attitude.

Of course we were very pleased with the final product. And all our friends were too. You can see pictures below of the interior and the exterior. What you cannot see is the quality that is behind the paint. Everything was done to make our home structurally sound with the latest building innovations. Since we built in the beginning of a new neighborhood we saw other homes under construction and from what we saw the homes built by Cabana Homes were second to none. Their routine billing statements were easy to read and accurately reflected the progress made on construction. They procured all the permits and quickly resolved any inspection issues. They also stood behind their work. When we had issues (which were few) they were there to insure that it was resolved. Five years after we built they were finishing up the house next to ours and noticed the paint on the second story roof trim needed a touch-up. So they repainted it while the scaffolding was on site.

In summary we are very happy with Cabana Homes and recommend them highly. The big advantage with Cabana Homes is that they build the home you want. They also are there to help you with decisions and options so you know the cost impact of the choices you make. They have also been in the business long enough to have quality subcontractors you can use, or if you prefer they will work with ones you choose.

Thank you for building us a wonderful home.

Gil and Marie Shelden



Dear Janet,
We want to let you know how much we enjoy our house after the major first floor remodeling project that you managed for us. It has definitely added to our quality of life when we are in Texas. Your attention to detail and design suggestions for the new cabinetry and flooring were spot on. Finally, since we were not going to be on site during the entire project, it was comforting to know that we were dealing with a contractor that we could trust. That is what we found in you and Cabana Homes, Inc. Thanks again.
Jack and Tammy Wyatt